Worship is a Lifestyle

Ministry Veteran
For the past +20 years, Sandi Olbrich has been leading worship teams in Virginia and Illinois. She has helped multiple churches start or revitalize their worship teams. Serving the local church for nearly her entire life, she started out singing in her family’s gospel group, traveling throughout West Virginia where she grew up.

Sandi’s partner in ministry is her husband Tony Olbrich, who is also a musician and worshipper. They have two grown children who serve the Lord.

Psalmist at Heart
Songwriting for Sandi is born out of worship and prayer. While she can sit down and work out a song, that’s not something she sets out to do. Rather, the praise and worship songs that she shares with her worship team and church come from times of individual worship, prayer and meditation.

Some of the songs Sandi has written have come from living through difficult times. Similar to how King David wrote the Psalms, sometimes it’s crying out to God as one goes through life’s challenges, yet declaring His faithfulness and love for us.